All Public Health Roads Lead To Private Equity

Guest post by Dr. Faheem Ahmed, MD MPH MBA

With over $2 trillion of undeployed capital, private equity firms collectively hold the resources to cover the current cost of the novel coronavirus to the world economy. Positive inflows coupled with almost negative interest rates foster an environment where investors sit on reserves rather than address the inequalities they have helped perpetuate. Supporting over 30 million jobs in the U.K. and U.S., private equity’s societal presence is particularly precarious when half of all defaulted companies have been leveraged buy-outs. While champions of the free market would argue that this is not the role of business but that of the government, the industry’s lobbying efforts have had an exigent influence on shaping everyday policies from your pension to your next physician visit.

COVID-19 has shone a light on the dark and deep-rooted inequalities in modern society. For all the progress of the SDGs and the MDGs it abrogated, quality healthcare remains reserved for the privileged few rather than a right for all.

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