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Our mission is to educate consumers on the value of global medical and travel insurance while providing a resource for them to research, compare and purchase plans for their relocation abroad or international trip. We work with corporate HR, volunteer groups, travel companies, international employees, expatriates, missionaries, and anyone traveling throughout the world.

Through our website, we are able to offer some of the very best international health insurance, travel medical insurance, group insurance and travel insurance policies to people from all around the world. Unlike traditional insurance sources, International Citizens Insurance provides all their plans online through their website which has some benefits over traditional insurance brokers/ agents such as being able to offer insurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Our Services – Guidance in Finding an International Insurance Plan

As independent agents, we are working for you, our clients. There are no charges for our service; we are paid by the insurance company. The plans cost the same; you just get an extra layer of service working with someone who is focused on your needs.

As leading global insurance consultants, we have access to a wide variety of international health and travel insurance plans for individuals and groups so we can find the best plan to meet your specific needs. Not all plans are the same, and we will guide you through the research and assist with the application process. Once approved, you will be able to reach out to us if you need additional assistance throughout the term of your policy.


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