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You can use the funds to pay for medical expenses, to renovate your home, take a trip, finance a wedding in the family, replace your home theater system, or anything else that you’ve always wanted to do but were held back by lack of funds. It’s your choice. With loan amounts up to Rs.30,00,000 and fixed monthly payments, there’s a lot you can do with a Citibank Personal Loan.

*Please note that exceptions to the use of Citibank Personal Loan include antisocial, unlawful, or speculative activities, and purchase of gold in any form, including gold bullions, gold coins, gold jewelry, gold exchange traded funds, or gold mutual funds. Apart from that, you are free to use the funds for anything you want to.

Your Citibank Personal Loan funds can be available to you within 48 hours (or 2 working days) once you submit the necessary documentation requested by us.

^Although we try and expedite the loan disbursement process and are successful in majority of the cases, there may be occasions when we require further information before we can complete your application.

You can choose to pay large EMIs and close your loan quicker or opt to pay smaller EMIs and close the loan over a longer period of time. You can use this flexibility of choice to calculate an EMI amount that works best within your monthly budget.

Citibank Personal Loan comes with a fixed rate of interest which means your EMIs will remain the same through the entire tenure of your loan. That is, irrespective of the amount you borrow or the time you choose to pay it back, there will be no surprises at the beginning of the month – your first EMI to your last EMI, the amount you pay will remain the same throughout.

Your regular personal loan EMI payments should ideally not strain your monthly budget or restrict your lifestyle choices. Use our personal loan EMI Calculator to find out an EMI amount you can pay with ease. Try different tenures and loan amounts to discover the many options you get to choose from. Refer the chart below for the interest rates that would apply to you.

Make an informed choice with the Citibank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

If you are a current Citibank Personal Loan customer, discover how easily you get access to additional funds from Citibank. Simply click here. On receiving your intent for extra funds, our representatives will call you immediately with all the assistance you need in understanding and applying for the extra money you need.

If you are Citibank Suvidha customer, getting a Citibank Personal Loan is as easy as logging in to your Citibank Online account and sending us an online application or talking to CitiPhone officer. Enjoy the privileges of simple personal loan documentation and fast track application processing. Apply now and know more.

For loans booked on or after October 1, 2015, you can close your loan account in full; you can do so any time after the first twelve months since your loan booking. For loans booked prior to October 1, 2015, you can close your loan account in full any time after the first six months of your loan booking.

Partial pre-payments can be made post the first 12 months of your loan booking. To make prepayments in full or part, you need to call our 24×7 CitiPhone helpline.

Note that pre-payments attract certain charges, and are guided by applicable Terms and conditions. For more information, please refer the FAQs section.

You can take advantage of the extremely flexible tenure and attractive interest rates available on Citibank Personal Loan to streamline and better manage your current Credit Card and Personal Loan outstanding. Transfer them to a single Citibank Personal Loan account and manage your monthly cash flow better. To know more and apply, click here. Our representatives will be in touch with you immediately to help you avail the benefits of a Citibank Personal Loan.

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  • Existing Citibank Suvidha/ Branch/Mortgage Customers not-registered for Citibank Online Banking

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At Citibank, we offer attractive interest rates on personal loans. The personal loan interest rates may vary anywhere between 10.5% and 18.99% per annum, based on factors such as your income, quantum of loan, loan tenure and credit score.

Minimum Loan Amount Rs.50,000
Maximum Loan Amount Rs.30,00,000
Minimum Duration 12 months
Maximum Duration 60 months
Interest Rate As applicable at the time of signing the loan agreement
Interest Calculation

Interest deducted at disbursal would be calculated as: (Loan outstanding x ROI”% x Number of days remaining in a month)/[365$ +(RO1#% x Number of days remaining in a month)].

Interest for every subsequent month would be charged as : Loan outstanding x ROI#%x (Number of days in a month/365$ days).

#ROI= Rate of interest
$366 in case of a leap year

Booking Fee* Up to 3.00% of the loan amount sanctioned; deductible from the loan amount at the time of disbursal.
Late Payment Charges The payment instruction shall be presented from 1st of every month. There are no late payment charges.
Loan Pre-closure Charges* Up to 4% on total principal outstanding at the time of calculating the amount for full and final settlement of account; plus, interest for the ongoing month.
For a fuller understanding of the pre-closure process, please refer the FAQs.
Stamp Duty Applicable on the Loan Agreement and charged according to the prevalent State Laws.
*Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other Government taxes & levies as applicable will be levied on all fees and charges
Additional Information: 1. Service Terms and conditions

Salaried Applicants: Categorized corporate

Self Employed Applicants – Non-professionals

Income (Annual Gross Take Home) in Rs.
Up to 9.99 Lacs > 10.00 Lacs
Rate of Interest 17.99% – 18.99% 17.49% – 18.49%
Processing Fee 2.00% – 3.00%

Self Employed Applicants – Professionals

Income (Annual Gross Take Home) in Rs.
Up to 9.99 Lacs > 10.00 Lacs
Rate of Interest 17.00% – 17.99% 16.00% – 16.99%
Processing Fee 2.00% – 3.00%

Personal Loan for ABF customers

Instant Personal Loan

Note: The above pricing grid is subject to periodic review. The final pricing, while remaining within the range mentioned above, will be based on your income, loan amount, loan tenure, Citibank’s internal credit parameters and the applicable rates at the specific time.

Interest rate range of contracted loans offered to customers during the period 01-Oct’19 to
Minimum Interest Rate 10.50% per annum
Maximum Interest Rate 20.00% per annum
Average (Simple) Interest Rate 12.49% per annum

Accessibility 24×7 CitiPhone Banking
On Request Services
(Currently offered at no additional cost)
Statement of Account Frequency Yearly
Statement of Account Delivery Online Statements or by post
Payment Methods
  • National Automated Clearing House (NACH) mandate
  • Standing Instructions on your Account (SI)
24×7 Customer Support For assistance with your Loan Account, you may call our CitiPhone Officers any time. For our location specific numbers, please click here.

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Get to Know Your Citibank Personal Loan

Citibank Personal Loan is a quick and easy way for you to access extra cash when you need it. You can get the funds you require (and are eligible for) as an unsecured loan availed on fixed terms, with each repayment going towards repaying both the interest and the principal. Citibank Personal Loan features a simple pricing structure that supports our belief in ‘easy to understand’ banking.

A ‘secured’ loan is secured against an asset, usually property. An ‘unsecured’ loan is where there is no asset offered as security. The best examples of ‘unsecured’ loans are Personal Loans and Credit Cards.

A fixed interest rate loan has an interest rate that stays the same for the full loan term. For example, your fixed interest rate Citibank Personal Loan repayments will not change due to interest rate changes throughout the life of the loan thereby giving you greater control over your monthly budget.

With a fixed interest rate loan you cannot pay extra to get ahead in your repayments. The repayment amount specified in your Loan Agreement needs to be paid each month as per the arrangement until the loan is paid in full.

Maximum Monthly Payments:

Borrow over 60 months @ 16% rate of interest
(in INR)
And pay each month (in INR)
1,00,000 2,432
1,50,000 3,648
2,00,000 4,864
3,00,000 7,295
5,00,000 12,159
Note that the chart is indicative only. You will be informed of the actual EMI figures at the time of loan approval.

Credit rating is a method most lenders use to assess whether your request for loan can be accommodated. We’ll rate the information you provide on the application form together with other factors such as your employment history and how you manage other accounts with us, if any.

We also use other information from Credit Information Agencies such as CIC, who keep records on your borrowing and payment habits. This includes details on how much credit you have outstanding as well as information on how many missed or late payments you may have made.

If you have a number of missed or late payments, we may not be able to accommodate your request for loan. If you are concerned about your credit score, you may visit CIC and purchase your Credit Information Report.

The amount of money you can borrow depends on your income and other financial commitments. Citibank Personal Loan offers a minimum of Rs.1,00,000 and maximum of Rs.30,00,000.

You can use a Personal Loan for any purpose such as, home improvements, planning your dream wedding or tidy up your finances with a balance consolidation loan. However, as per RBI regulations, you are legally bound not to utilize the Loan for any antisocial, unlawful, or speculative purposes. Nor should you use the loan funds for purchase of gold in any form, including gold bullions, gold coins, gold jewelry, gold exchange traded funds, and gold mutual funds. This is applicable to all Personal Loans.

In most cases we offer decisions in matter of hours, although there may be occasions when we require further information before we can complete your application.

You get the money within 48 hours^ of loan approval and documentation completion. The amount will be electronically transferred to your bank account as per the details provided to us.

Interest is calculated on the unpaid daily balance of your loan and is charged to the loan on a monthly basis. The interest rate applied each day is equal to your annual interest rate at the time, divided by 365.

The first EMI would commence from the second succeeding month. For example, the EMIs for a loan booked in the month of January, would begin from 1st March. Interest due for the month of booking will be deducted at the time of disbursal. The interest for the number of days from the date of loan booking, till the end of the month of booking will be deducted, from the loan amount credited to your account.

A Top up Loan allows you to access additional funds after you have availed your first loan with Citibank.

If you are a Citibank Personal Loan Customer, getting a Top up Loan is easy. Please fill the form in the Click 4 Call tab and our representatives will be glad to help you, or just SMS PL to 52484. We’ll get back to you without delay.

Outstanding balance is the total amount you have remaining on your Personal Loan at a specific given time, excluding accrued interest and fees.

Yes. Once your Personal Loan is approved, a Loan Booking Fee of up to 2.75% of the sanctioned loan amount can be charged.

The Loan Booking Fee will be deducted from the loan amount sanctioned at the time of disbursal. For example, a Rs.1,00,000 loan with an assumed maximum of 2.75% Booking Fee will become an available loan amount of Rs.97,500.

Citibank Personal Loan is currently available for salaried individuals, self-employed professional and business owners. Existing Citibank customers with a Suvidha, Branch or a Mortgage relationship can avail of Citibank Personal Loan.


You can repay your loan over a period of 12 to 60 months.

The period of time you take the loan over will affect the size of your repayments, so if you want smaller repayments, you should repay your loan over a longer term. Just remember, the longer you take to repay your loan, the more interest you’ll be charged overall.

Yes. You can pre-pay your Personal Loan. You have two options to make a pre-payment – Full Pre-payment and Partial Pre-payment. You do a Full Pre-payment by settling the entire loan outstanding in one single payment. If you opt to make partial prepayment of your outstanding amount, it is a Partial Pre-payment. To make prepayments in full or part, you need to call our 24×7 CitiPhone helpline.

For loans booked on or after October 1, 2015, you can close your loan account in full; you can do so any time after the first twelve months since your loan booking. For loans booked prior to October 1, 2015, you can close your loan account in full any time after the first six months of your loan booking.

Partial pre-payments can be made post the first 12 months of your loan booking. To make payments in full, you need to call our 24×7 CitiPhone helpline.

You may prepay a part of the outstanding balance of the loan subject to the following conditions:

  • You have paid your loan EMIs for at least 12 consecutive months since your loan booking date.
  • Your prepayment amount is equivalent to a minimum of 2 EMIs and a maximum of 5 EMIs.

To make part pre-payment, you need to call our 24×7 CitiPhone helpline. Once you inform the Bank of your intention to prepay, the Bank will consider your request and confirm the final sum you are eligible to prepay. After making the pre-payment, you will have to continue repaying the subsequent EMIs as per the repayment schedule shared by the bank. The partial pre-payment facility is available once in 12 months.

The due date for the repayment of EMIs shall be 7th of every month, following the month of Loan disbursement. Payment instructions shall be presented from 1st of every month. We however don’t charge any late payment charges in case the payment is delayed.

If you’re an existing Citibank Online Banking customer, you can view your current loan balance online, however please be aware that this may not be your final settlement figure.

Alternatively, to find out the outstanding balance on your Personal Loan just call our 24×7 CitiPhone helpline. They’ll be able to give you the most recent information on your loan.

Statements are issued yearly on the 31st of March and mailed to your most recent address provided to us. If you’d like a statement issued any other time, simply contact us on our 24×7 CitiPhone helpline numbers provided here or use your Citibank Online IPIN (available on request) to access your Personal Loan Account and obtain your account balance.

If you are Citibank Customer, please use the ‘online query’ facility to write to us. If you are not a Citibank Customer, please call our 24×7 CitiPhone helpline numbers provided here.

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