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Is the concept of ‘personal space‘ different in each culture?
The fact that the participants’ systolic blood pressure values were higher when they were measured by the male nursing student suggested that the participants, under the influence of cultural norms of personal space and gender, found it normal when they were approached by the female nursing student but viewed the same approach by the male nursing student as an attack on their personal space.1,9,14,15 Moreover, some women acknowledged that it is a sin for women to be approached by unknown men in Islam.10
Which is why, in the doctor’s surgery, I reinforced my personal space with a newspaper.
Conversely, if you model your personal space on someone else’s, you are betraying your own history.
The most common scenario where this personal space is invaded is when you are in a queue.
Evolve maximizes the space inside our planes, giving us the opportunity to increase the number of seats onboard from 137 to 143–without sacrificing your personal space. While it was never our objective to add a row of seats, we determined that we could accommodate the increase without sacrificing comfort.
The stories instruct them on sharing, joining in playground games, taking turns, obsessions, winning and losing, personal hygiene, jealousy, personal space, tact and diplomacy, defining friendship, and being a tattletale.
The present study was undertaken to explore the reactions to personal space invasions among university students, by using field experiment method.
When this seat reclines it slides forward, preserving the personal space of the passenger sitting behind.
QMY 14-year-old son has no concept of personal space and it is driving the family insane.
Personal space was the distance most often maintained in all environments, except in the bus; and there was more intimate space use in sociopetal environments than sociofugal environments.
Several factors are critical in the amount of personal space allowed via the social website, and gender, age, personality and culture can be influential as a whole.

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