Student finance guide for parents and partners

You might need to give Student Finance England information about your income if your child or partner has applied for student finance that’s based on your household income.

You’ll be asked for financial details for the last full tax year previous to the start of the academic year. For example, if the student is applying for the 2019/20 academic year, the tax year will be 2017/18. Student Finance England will ask for details of the previous tax year because this is the most recent full tax year at the time applications open.

Your information will be used to work out if your child or partner can get extra Maintenance Loan on top of the Tuition Fee Loan and basic Maintenance Loan.

If your income in the current tax year is likely to be at least 15% lower than the previous tax year, Student Finance England can assess your household income on what you estimate your income will be.

Supporting your child’s application

If you’re supporting your child’s application, your household income is the combined income of you and:

  • your child
  • your spouse
  • your partner 

If you’re married, Student Finance England will need your spouse’s income even if you don’t live together, or they’re not the student’s parent.

If you live with your partner, they’ll need to tell Student Finance England about their income even if you were not living together during the tax year being asked about.

If you’re separated or divorced, your child should tell us who they live with or have most contact with. If they spend an equal amount of time with both of their parents, they’ll be asked to pick who will support their application.

Remember, household income is based on your circumstances at the start of the academic year. This means that if you get married or start living with your partner before the start of the academic year, Student Finance England will need their details.

Household income doesn’t include any income the student might have from working themselves.

Supporting your spouse or partner’s application 

If your spouse or partner is applying for student finance, the household income is made up of your income only.

Household income doesn’t include any income the student might have from working themselves.

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