Technology is increasingly changing the way insurers operate. FREMONT, CA: The insurance industry is modernizing itself by equipping its arsenal with a large array of innovations. Technology has been transforming almost every dimension in the world, and insurance is certainly not an exception. The expectations of insurance customers are evolving […]

Article content continued Australia, France and Britain have established similar initiatives, as has Quebec. The 14th season of Heartland began rolling two days before Wynonna Earp, another series produced by Seven24 films, wrapped its fourth season in Calgary. That series was able to continue because it secured an insurance policy […]

The loss of a loved one carries a huge emotional toll and can take a big financial one, as well. Life insurance can help provide monetary support for your dependents and loved ones after you die.  The concept is simple: You pay a fixed amount — the premium — every month, […]

Union Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Tuesday underscored the need for small farmers organising themselves into Farmers Producers Organisations (FPOs) to get better return for their produce. Laying remotely from New Delhi the foundation stone of the administrative buildings of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) at Kandukur […]

CLOSE Here’s why there’s a backlog of claims for unemployment and why it’s only getting worse. USA TODAY Beckie Kern can relax a little. She’s finally being compensated for unemployment insurance benefits again after her payments suddenly stopped at the end of May. Her UpLink account, the electronic system where claimants file and submit vouchers for benefits, indicated […]

Micro-moments are the critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey. (Photo: Shutterstock) Digital consumerism is a train that can’t be stopped, and in fact, the global pandemic has accelerated it. Many businesses spent months working remotely. Company leaders have learned that this is a tenable option for the long term. Buyers […]

Best Renters Insurance Companies of 2020 While homeowners often are required by their lender to have homeowners insurance, many renters are under no such constraints. Renters insurance is neither mandated by law nor demanded by every landlord. Yet just as driving a car responsibly requires insurance, it’s a good idea […]

COMPARE AND BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE ONLINE A travel insurance policy can protect you from a variety of unexpected circumstances while you’re traveling. Whether you’re looking for trip cancellation coverage to reimburse you for the costs of hotels, flights and other pre-paid and non-refundable trip expenses or if you need medical […]