TeachMeFinance.com teaches you basic
finance concepts.

  • Time
    Value of Money

    Present Value, Future Value
  • Annuities – The Present
    Value of an Annuity
  • Perpetuities – The Present
    Value of a Perpetuity
  • Kinds of Interest Rates – Nominal Rate,
    Periodic Rate, Effective Annual Rate (EAR)
  • Future Value of an Uneven Cash flow
  • Probability Distribution – Expected Rate
    of Return (ERR)
  • Standard
  • CAPM – Beta
  • Security
    Market Line
  • Bond
    – Par Value, Coupon Payments, Indenture,
    Present Value of a Bond
  • Refinance Rates – A refinance refers to the process of paying off an existing loan.
  • Home Equity Loans – A loan based on the amount of equity a homeowner has in the property.
  • Stock
    – Preferred Stock, Common Stock, The
    Constant Growth Formula
  • Cost
    of Capital
    – Cost of Retained Earnings, Cost of
    Common Stock, Cost of Preferred Stock, Cost of

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Avoid Business Opportunity Purchase Scams

Avoid Cancer Treatment Scams

Avoid Cyberbullying
Avoid Free Trail Scams
Avoid Job Scams
Avoid Malware
Avoid Phishing At Home
Avoid Phishing At The Office
Avoid Phishing When Shopping
Avoid Telephone Fraud
Check Your Credit Report
Computer Security
Credit Card Interest
Credit Scores
Dealing With Debt Collectors
Dealing With Robocalls
Efficient Light Bulbs
Employment Background Checks
Identity Theft
Keep Your Privacy Online
Online Reviews and Recommendations
Online Shopping
Payday Lending
Prepaid Cards
Protect Yourself Online
Share Carefully Online
Share Information Carefully
Using Public Wifi
Wireless Access Security
Wiring Money
Your Children Online

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