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Last modified: September 4, 2019

Ensure your use of the WhatsApp Business Products complies with these policies. The WhatsApp Business Products include:

  • The WhatsApp Business app
  • The WhatsApp Business Solution, which is comprised of the WhatsApp Business Client and the WhatsApp Business APIs. If you are using the WhatsApp Business Solution as a service provider on behalf of your Clients, these policies apply to your use and your Clients’ use of the WhatsApp Business Solution.
  • Other WhatsApp Business offerings or features that we may provide to you in the future.
  1. Create a Quality Experience

    • Follow any guidelines and instructions in technical and product documentation.
    • Maintain a WhatsApp Business profile with customer support contact information and one or more of the following: email address, website address, and/or telephone number. Keep all information accurate and up-to-date. You must not impersonate another business or otherwise mislead customers as to the nature of your business.
    • You may only contact people on WhatsApp if: (a) they have given you their mobile phone number; and (b) they have agreed to be contacted by you over WhatsApp. Do not confuse, deceive, defraud, mislead, spam, or surprise people with your communications.
    • You may not send advertising, marketing or promotional messages. Responding to a person who contacts you directly as a result of an advertisement you have placed on a surface outside of a WhatsApp chat thread, is permissible as long as that advertisement does not conflict with the Commerce Policy.
    • You must respect all requests (either on or off WhatsApp) by a person to block, discontinue, or otherwise opt out of communications from you via WhatsApp, including removing that person from your contacts list.
    • You may not build games or support playing of games in WhatsApp, including any interactive program for one or more players that involves skill, competition, and/or chance.
  2. WhatsApp Business Solution (WhatsApp Business API) Specific Terms

  3. Protect Data & Comply with Law

    • You are responsible for and must secure all necessary notices, permissions, and consents to collect, use, and share people’s content and information, including maintaining a published privacy policy, and otherwise complying with applicable law.
    • Don’t use any data obtained from us about a person you message with in WhatsApp, other than the content of message threads, for any purpose other than as reasonably necessary to support messaging with that person.
    • Don’t share or ask people to share full length individual payment card numbers, financial account numbers, personal ID card numbers, or other sensitive identifiers.
    • Don’t use WhatsApp to send or request any health information, if applicable regulations would limit distribution of such information to systems that do not meet heightened requirements to handle health information. Additionally, WhatsApp is not intended for telemedicine use.
    • You may not forward or otherwise share information from a customer chat with any other customer.
  4. Prohibited Organizations & Use

    • We prohibit organizations and/or individuals engaged in terrorist or organized criminal activity from using the WhatsApp Business Products.
    • We prohibit the use of the WhatsApp Business Products to facilitate or organize criminal activity, including exploiting or causing physical, financial, or other harm to people, businesses, or animals.
    • If you are discussing, offering, or completing sales of goods or services, including sending messages in connection with such offers or sales, you must also comply with the Commerce Policy.
    • If your organization’s primary business or purpose (as determined by us in our sole discretion) is to distribute, sell, offer to sell, transact in, trade in, promote, endorse, or commercially deal in any of the goods and services prohibited by the Commerce Policy, then we may prohibit your organization from using the WhatsApp Business Products.
    • Messages must not contain offensive content, for example sexually explicit materials or nudity, determined at our sole discretion.
  5. Enforcement & Updates

    • We may limit or remove your access to or use of the WhatsApp Business Products if you receive excessive negative feedback, cause harm to WhatsApp or our users, or violate or encourage others to violate our terms or policies, as determined by us in our sole discretion.
    • If you use or operate a service which utilizes WhatsApp in violation of our terms or policies, such as messaging people at scale in an unauthorized manner, we have the right to limit or remove your access to WhatsApp’s services.
    • WhatsApp may update this WhatsApp Business Policy (“Change”) without notice; by continuing to use the WhatsApp Business Products after such Change, you consent to such Change.
    • If we terminate your account for violations of relevant WhatsApp Business terms or policies, we may prohibit you and your organization from all future use of WhatsApp products.

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